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Distribution Rotakin & CCTV Testing

Testing of CCTV to approved standards is an essential element to your surveillance systems design, whether you are designing a new systems or are maintaining and testing an existing system.

The testing systems below allow you to test the performance of your surveillance system to determine its real world capabilities and what, if any, improvements you may need to make to the system to ensure it is ‘fit for purpose'. CCTV Approved Testing System (CATS), also known as Rotakin2 as it provides testing capabilities for both analogue and IP based camera systems using H264 and other compression methods.

The CCTV Advanced Test System (CATS) Rotakin2® is now available from Digital Grape as part of our support for organisations seeking to test and evaluate their surveillance systems capabilities. CATS has been specifically designed for use with IP based systems and includes a range of facial recognition charts for use with various compression algorithms. The system uses the latest approved Uk Home Office approved images developed specifically for use with BOTh existing analogue based CCTV and the latest IP based CCTV systems regardless of the camera maker or supplier.

CATS or Rotakin2® is available now for shipping worldwide in an easily portable folio for the images and charts and is significantly more cost effective than the original Rotakin man-sized test target! Please contact us with your orders for either the man-sized original Rotakin2® targets or the new updated CATS / Rotakin2® version, both designed and approved by the UK’s HOSDB.

We welcome the opportunity to provide CATS and Rotakin2® systems and specialist CCTV test support facilities to both commercial and government agency clients to evaluate the performance of their surveillance systems as required by the latest CCTV standards now in use (APTA CCTV Standards committee – see for ore information) . For further information on how our services could help your CCTV testing needs, please contact us to place your order.

Digital Grape Business Services provides resources to evaluate both new and existing systems design to ensure compliance with the latest international standards and identify variations and areas of risk. These services are available to systems integrators and end users alike as well as to design consultants requiring independent verification of standards compliance.

CCTV Approved Testing System

Digital Grape Business Services is the appointed distributor for Rotakin CCTV test systems within the North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA) for Rotatest Ltd. The Rotakin is a rotating target board tool, originally developed by the PSDB at The Home Office to cope with external conditions where moving objects or individuals in various positions could be more easily identified. This forms the basis of the test and measurement aspect contained within BS EN 50132-7 : 1996 and has now been adopted by CENELEC. Rotakin is made up of a lightweight target board mounted on a folding aluminium stand which rotates by way of a geared motor fixed to the rear of the board. It is a user freindly, easy to use tool that withstands windy conditions due to the widely spaced stand giving it maximum stability.

The Rotastat is new a two piece static version of the Rotakin which is designed to cope with conditions where space is limited, typically interior corridors where a rotating device could not be accommodated or is to heavy to take to site.

Both products are available form Digital Grape Business Services and use the same HOSDB approved charts as the newer test system but as a man-sized target that will ensure that your CCTV installations meet the test and measurement requirements of BSI 50132-7 : 2012.

Digital Grape Business Services Ltd, through its US based offices, distributes and sells the Rotakin® systems to CCTV installer companies as well as government agencies to enable the test and evaluation of surveillance systems. Many CCTV system, whilst providing images for an operator to see, are not necessarily ‘ it for purpose' when considering modern CCTV performance requirements that have been put in place post 911. A CCTV testers guide is also available for those not able to attend the dedicated training course to understand how to use the Rotakin systems and translate that into effective use of the Rotakin and CATS systems. Digital Grape Business Services offers the Rotakin® test system for direct purchase and will be happy to quote you a price and delivery Worldwide. Alternatively, we can offer a test and evaluation support service to clients who require our consultants to evaluate and report of the effectiveness of their systems.